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Did you know that your brain demands at least 20% of the body's oxygen supply? It does, and the quality of the oxygen you deliver to your cells matters. With air pollution, carcinogens in your food and drinking water, all the chemicals in cleaning products, and much more impact our health in very negative ways. We offer oxygen therapy with EB-PRO ION Therapy at the Nonsurgical Clinic of the Twin Cities, to help detoxify you from all of these toxins that are contributing to illness. When your brain and bodily cells do not get the quality oxygen that they need, you could experience health problems like lower immune system, sleep apnea, mood swings, depression, low motivation, decreased energy, fatigue, restlessness, poor concentration, and much more.

Unlike bodily muscles, your brain cannot store energy. It needs a steady flow of nutrients and oxygen to function normally. If you would like to learn more about oxygen deficiency, and how you can help increase positive effects from oxygen therapy, please call and schedule an appointment with us today.

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

At Nonsurgical Clinic of the Twin Cities, we recommend oxygen therapy for so many great benefits, such as:

  • Bolster your immune system
  • Decrease anxiety and stress
  • Sleep better
  • Reduce painful tension headaches
  • Cleanse your blood of toxins
  • Increase concentration and brain activity
  • Boost your memory capacity
  • Upgrade to a higher level of energy and stamina
  • Enhance strength
  • Cleanse your blood of toxins and improve cardiovascular activity
  • Ward off lactic acid accumulation 

How Does It Work?

This innovative ion therapy facilitates the body's natural equilibrium, and helps in the detoxification processes by ionizing your bath water and sending a small, charged current through your body, which generates positively charged ions. In just a few minutes, your body will release the toxins from air pollution, food preservatives, carcinogens, and chemicals (from cleaning products to drinking water) that your body has stored. 


With regular oxygen therapy treatments, our patients report to feeling better, fewer mood swings and depressive thoughts, having a stronger immune system, not feel as tired, and with less brain fog. 

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Detoxify Your Body

Energize your life with oxygen therapy at Nonsurgical Clinic of the Twin Cities. Think clearer, restore vitality, clearer skin, a stronger immune system, and look and feel amazingly healthy. If you are interested in our EB-PRO Ion Therapy, please call our Maple Grove, MN office today for your first consultation.

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